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Golf is at once challenging, frustrating, exhilarating, exasperating, enthralling and maddening. It asks a lot from those who play it, and reveals a lot about those who play it. Authentic golfers share a passion, wonder, enthusiasm and hope about the sport that's venerable, eternal and instantly recognizable by other golfers.

We at Capital Golf Promotions are golfers, authentic in every way and we're honored to serve golfers by distributing the finest performing golf equipment and products in the world.

There are 28.6m total golfers in the USA according to the National Golf Foundations participation study. Core and avid golfers make up just over 25% and occasional golfers make up 12% of the total number of golfers.

Golfers are affluent, educated, and senior managers. Male golfers represent 74% of the total golfers and 70% are ages 24-54. According to the MRI 2008 Doublebase, 64% of golfers have a household income of $75K, 43% have a household income greater than $100k, 82% own their own houses, 48% have a bachelor's degree, and 64% are senior managers.

Golfers are passionate, they consume golf across media. They watch golf on TV (64%), are active online (56%), read golf magazines (20%), and they attend golf events (14%).